Nowadays, understanding how taxes affect commercial or private transactions is essential for success.

Tax Law & Tax Planning

Today's tightening of requirements for tax reporting, as well as the expansion of powers to investigate tax authorities, dictate new rules for economic entities, forcing them to resort to more complex solutions.

International Tax Planning

"Legal Consultancy" seeks to provide only effective tax solutions for structuring your business while minimizing the tax burden. Our specialists offer consulting solutions for various jurisdictions and types of businesses. We provide advice in such areas as: Elimination of double taxation; Tax advise for holding companies; Cross-border financing the consequences of its taxation; Taxation of Intellectual Property and intangible assets; Consultation on the principles of the OECD regulations and their impact; Directive of parent subsidiaries in the EU and related tax issues; Structuring, restructuring, and financing; Banking; Assets and their financing; Investment funds; The property; Tax investigations; Tax rules

Tax Advisory

The Legal Consultancy team includes well-practiced specialists who draw on their diverse experience and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities. Our senior lawyers advise our clients on double tax treaties cases. We find the best way to implement the necessary strategy to optimize the tax burden on your enterprises. We advise individuals and investors as well as commercial corporations and financial institutions.

VAT Advisory

The VAT is a very important area of ​​taxation. It affects every employee and company at all levels of the business, that's why VAT policy is becoming more aggressive every year, so a lack of control can lead to costly mistakes. It is extremely difficult to be aware of all the changes in VAT in Europe. Tax consultants "Legal Consultancy" will help you to deal with any questions relating to VAT in the EU. We also assist in challenging VAT, or in the case of professional incompetence of our clients' accountants, which can lead to fines.

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