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Real Estate & Property Law

The practice of lawyers of "Legal Consultancy" includes advising our clients on all types of disputes related to the sale and purchase, use and lease of land. We are committed to helping you avoid long and expensive solutions to problems by choosing alternative dispute resolution methods for you. Our lawyers are also well-versed in the work of the regional and supreme courts of Europe. Our Intellectual Property department deals with all areas and issues related to real estate transactions, disputes, and rights violations.


Our areas of work include:

  • Disputes about the sale and purchase between the seller and the buyer

  • Infringement of the right to use private property

  • The right to use the lease and termination, as well as methods of obtaining freehold from tenants

  • Landlords' obligations to tenants

  • Actions regarding negligence for unlawful interviews given by evaluators, as well as management requirements for management companies

  • Neighboring disputes - such as access rights, rights to light and problems with borders.


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