In which case do you have the right to file a claim for damages?

Personal Injuries, Negligence & Torts

"Legal Consultancy" provides assistance in cases of injuries in Europe, representing victims affected by one’s negligence. We strive to quickly get out of the lawsuit, and we, when necessary, initiate a lawsuit.

Accidents In Public Places

Have you been injured in a mall or in a supermarket, in a hotel, or in any other public place in Europe due to a slippery floor, damaged floor or other factors? Lawyers of "Legal Consultancy" organize the entire legislative process and the compensation you need to receive for injury. Every day we help victims of accidents that were injured as a result of someone's negligence and negligence. We will advise you, ensuring that you know your chances of success well before engaging in costly litigation. We guarantee the availability of a preliminary medical report that confirms your injury, after which we will consider your case at all stages, starting with the initial stages of negotiations (without a court) and ending with the judicial process in the Europe courts. All we need is to understand how and where the incident occurred, and we will be able to advise you on the basis of your legal rights regarding the offender and/or his/her insurance company. 90% of our injuries result in a court meal and compensation. Due to the great experience of our lawyers, we can get the best possible result for people affected by someone else's mistake. Despite the fact that the Europe Bar Association does not allow the well-known “No Win” practice, the “No Fee” lawyer in Europe, we focus on providing our clients with affordable cooperation, according to which legal fees are mainly paid upon successful compensation to our clients. Striving to win our clients, we help them by providing many expert witnesses from around the world on various issues related to medicine, psychiatry, injury reconstruction, experts who can give our clients an accurate picture of their position for success in court. For more information on how we can help you, contact us.

Accidents At Work

If you were injured at work, not through your fault, you can file a claim for damages. Like all other claims that relate to compensation for accidents, you will need to prove that your injury did not happen because of you. Who should compensate for the damage? Each employer is responsible for their employees and independent contractors (including visitors). Employers must provide employees with all the necessary safety equipment and maintain working conditions in proper condition. The workplace must be safe for employees. Filing a lawsuit If you are injured during your work, you can contact us for a preliminary consultation. We will check the possibility of your receiving damages from your employer, as well as a rough estimate of the compensation you can rely on. For more information on how we can help you, contact us.

Medical & Clinical Negligence

Modern society requires that medical treatment should be of the highest possible standards, both from a technical and a treatment point of view. People are willing to pay more attention to their health. However, not everything goes well and accidents still occur. Starting from the moment of contacting Legal Consultancy, our lawyers will accompany our client throughout the entire settlement of legal issues. We will make sure that before you enter into a legal dispute with your doctor, you realize your chances of success. We guarantee that we will have a preliminary medical report confirming your injury and your rights, as well as proof of medical negligence. We also guarantee that in the case of a court hearing there will be witnesses on your side. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Road Accidents

Legal Consultancy has gained tremendous experience in the legal pre-trial settlement, especially in issues related to Road Traffic Accidents in Europe. Such accidents include many different situations in which people may be victims of negligence. Road traffic injuries can range from minor injuries to fatal injuries. If you or someone you know became a victim as a result of a traffic accident in Europe and was injured, please contact us for accurate recommendations for follow-up actions. Please note, that there are strict time limits for claiming to apply for Road Traffic Accident.

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