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Bulgaria Company Formation

More than 10 years of successful provision of legal services in the field of registration of companies with limited liability O.O.D., as well as joint-stock (A.D.) companies allows us to guarantee our clients the success of the event as soon as possible. Our Company Formation Services includes the proprietorship process, a partnership, a representative office, a branch or a subsidiary in Bulgaria, accounting advice, tax optimization, protection, and business representation.

Subsidiaries & Branches in Bulgaria

Main statements for Company Formations and Branches Offices in Bulgaria: A registration of a foreign entity, in case of separate entity A Branch of Office, requires at least one physical persons as local representative;

Licenses & Permits for Bulgarian Companies

The full and comprehensive support of our lawyers will make it possible in the shortest possible time to obtain a license and permission to work in the Bulgarian territory. The process of obtaining permits for business in Bulgaria includes permits from local authorities, obtaining a list of requirements for hiring citizens from Bulgaria, as well as a number of similar permits.

Mergers, Acquisition & Divestitures of existing Bulgarian Companies

One of the legal ways to acquire an already existing Bulgarian company is to acquire a controlling stake in the target company. Also, a common practice for acquiring a Bulgarian company is a merger or de-merger.

Company Dissolution and Liquidation in Bulgaria

Legal assistance in the dissolution and liquidation of Bulgarian companies, bankruptcy proceedings. A full range of legal advice provided by our highly professional lawyers is exactly what is needed when closing a company or branch office.

Corporate Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Our high-experienced Bulgarian lawyers will provide you with legal support at every step of the proceedings, up to the full resolution of the legal issue.

Tax Services & Accounting

Since companies have full free access for local tax adviser it is important to be well-known regarding principles of taxation that are applied to an international and global basis.

Legal Consultancy LTD offers a full range of consulting on legal tax issues. Our specialists have extensive knowledge in the field of taxation and will help you in solving any kind of issues in this legal field.

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