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Why Escrow

Escrow is a special agreement between the buyer and the seller, in which a third party receives and pays money for both parties to the transaction. In this case, the payment depends on the conditions that were agreed by the parties to the transaction. Escrow Agent mitigates transaction risks. Our company provides the ability to quickly and safely close the transaction, without unforeseen situations. For the buyer, Legal Consultancy guarantees that the documents or funds will be issued in accordance with the established terms of the agreement between the parties. For the seller, we guarantee that no documents will be transferred to the buyer without the consent of the parties and until we are convinced that the buyer has the necessary funds and they can be transferred to the seller in accordance with the preliminary agreement.

What an Escrow Agent cam be used for

To guarantee the successful and safe completion of the agreement, especially when it comes to large sums of money and actions taken by the parties; To guarantee the correct execution of the agreement by all parties; When a party doubts the good faith of the counterparty; Elimination of unnecessary litigation and unforeseen situations in case of failure of one of the parties to comply with the terms of the agreement.

Escrow Accounts

In case of Escrow transaction, the funds are stored in several linked Escrow accounts at a specific location, and not in the deposit account for two or more agencies or other customer funds held by the AGP. In this matter, every Escrow account has its own bank account. AGP, in turn, is authorized to provide support to a client’s bank account, which used the contractual agreement function, in which a third party receives and pays money for the main participants in the transaction.

Our Parctice

Our specialists provide assistance to the customers for consideration of an Escrow Agency agreement. We had a great experience in project development Escrow Agency agreements even the appointment in the capacity of neutral Escrow Agent or co-Escrow Agent. Our recommendation is to appoint deposited infiltrator in case of the possibility of refusing another side. We are available of opening sole infiltrator or jointly with a banking. We support managing accounts in Europe banks in both situations.

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