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Property & Projects

Making a strategically correct decision regarding programs, business policies, procedures Valuation
not possible without having an idea about the value of your own business. The business valuation service is gaining increasing popularity in Bulgaria due to the active involvement of foreign assets in the corporate sector, as well as an increase in business activity in Bulgaria. Legal Consultancy LTD has great experience in developing assessments, data collection, statistical analysis is and writing reports.
Our assessment team has extensive experience in providing a detailed picture of the processes, results, and impacts of a project. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the most appropriate methods and performance indicators are used to determine the effectiveness of the program. Our evaluation reports are structured to provide qualitative and quantitative information that can be used by decision makers to improve their programs or to properly translate resources.
Due Diligence

Over the past twenty years, the process of Due Diligence has become much more complex. Buyers must deal with a number of different work issues regarding the necessary diligence in evaluating a transaction. The main questions of Commercial Due Diligence include Markets and competition. What is the position of the goal? What are the problems or threats to the business in the future? How will the transaction help the buyer move to consolidate the industry or create new growth opportunities? Targeted business plans. How ambitious are the top-level assumptions? Have cost assumptions been subjected to pressure tests with achievable criteria or possible external shocks? Evaluation of synergy. What price can be unlocked by changing the method of managing the purchased one, or by integrating it with the acquirer's main business? Processing. Which way is best to stay on top of due diligence? How will the buyer manage several stakeholders, such as bankers, lawyers, and regulators? Integration. Businessman plans to integrate before closing the deal? Has a competent team been created? Are you developing a roadmap for PMI within the first 100 days? Regulation. What are the regulatory issues to consider and how will they be resolved?

Corporate Finance

The traditional corporate financing includes such external sources like financing through bank loans and borrowings, the provision of funds for financing stocks, mezzanine capital, and alternative forms of financing. The focus is on financing through the issuance of corporate bonds and factoring and leasing financing. Funding cases range from funding single projects to fully funding a new organization.

Tax Advisory & Tax Optimization

There are principles of taxation that are applied to an international and global basis, but still, most of the tax laws are specific to local jurisdictions. It is important that companies have free access to local level tax advice, and this is especially closely related to the energy sector. Legal Consultancy has a professional team of international tax specialists and a large number of local specialists.

EU Funding

Business Development areas include:
  • Development, Innovation, and SMEs for small business
  • Poverty reduction and working with vulnerable groups
  • Environmental protection and climate issues
  • Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy security
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship & Exchange
  • Civil society & Social Dialogue
  • Judicial reforms and Correctional Services
  • Police Collaboration & Migration issue
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