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Our Services

"Legal Consultancy" provides such services as: Registration and name confirmation; Company Incorporation; Payment of government fees; The legal address of the company; Local/registered agent; Appointing a company secretary; Stamp; A set of corporate documents: Memorandum and Articles of Association; Certificate of Incorporation; Certificates of Directors, secretary, and registered office; Appointment of First Directors of the Company; Stock Certificate; Corporate Register Ltd; Certificate of Company Status signed by a lawyer Power of attorneys where a trustee/nominee shareholder is appointed. All documents are sent by courier to corporate mail


We provide the next package of documents: A copy of the notarized passport; Original or copy of utility bill that confirms the address of the dwelling of the owner, shareholder or director for up to three months; Reference letter from the bank (up to three months); Signed Company Registration Form; Signed Customer KYC Due Diligence Questionnaire; Signed Services Agreement and Terms & Conditions; Biography (CV); If the director of the company or shareholder is a legal entity, then it is necessary to specify a set of legalized company documents consisting of: Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association; Copy of Certificate of Registration; Copy of Certificate of Directors, including any trust documents; Copy of Corporate Registry; Corporate structure, which shows the connection between the company and top beneficial owner; Certificate of Incumbency issued by the company secretary; Special attention should be paid to this: All documents must be translated into English with the name of the translator and contact information including a personal phone number.

Corporate & Nominee Services

Legal Consultancy is an international multi-personal financial services provider. We provide our clients with highly professional solutions, such as lawyer services, management services, and administration. Legal counseling is regulated by the Europe Bar Association and is an honorary member of the Society of Principal Owners and Property Owners (STEP). Our company not only complies with local laws regarding corporate services but also guarantees compliance with international law. Thanks to an educated, trained, motivated and highly professional team of lawyers, consultants, and corporate managers, we offer a unique set of skills regarding the interests and protection of our clients. Corporate Services include: International Company Formations and Readily available "Shelf" companies, Corporate Management Administration, Appointment of Nominee Directors, Trustee Shareholders Secretaries, Local Agency services Registered Office Addresses, Virtual Offices Business Address, International Bank Account Opening Services, Maintenance of statutory books and records, Organization of Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM), Preparation of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Shareholders meetings, Corporate documents translation, Legal Notarization, and Apostil Certifications, Issuing of all types of corporate certificates (such as certificates of incumbency, certificates of good standing etc.) Solving any kind of issue related to corporate certificates (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of good standing, Certificate of Status, etc) Other secretarial services.

Ready-Made (Shelf) Companies

Legal Consultancy’s corporate solutions staff offers ready-made enterprises that are enrolled in most of the world's major world authorities, which makes their immediate use possible. Our company has a list of several global suppliers, in addition to various business models and operations that can satisfy any potential client request. What is a "shelf" business? Lists of these enterprises may constantly change due to the daily enrollment of new enterprises and the sale of existing ones. These companies did not make any transactions, besides, they do not have any responsibilities. Basically, they are clean. All parts of the documents of these enterprises are stored in our company at the time of registration. In fact, you get a ready-made working company using the registration number. This is very convenient if the client does not have enough time to process the formation of a new company. In addition, these enterprises have additional benefits, for example, for obtaining a bank card or rental housing. Important information: Companies that are designated as “pending review” are registered in the company registry and are awaiting submission over the next few days. Such enterprises can be reserved and paid in advance. The cost depends on the age of the organization and jurisdiction. Older companies are likely to be more expensive than newly established ones. When you buying a ready-made company, you need to follow the proper due diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, and we also need to receive the entire payment in order to complete the registration process and submit one of the business records. For ready-made enterprises, the annual payment for the renewal of the permit must be paid not earlier than 1 year after the date of purchase of the organization. This is the result of the period of time that has elapsed since the start of registration of this shelf company, as well as the date of the actual cost of this company.

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